About Us

LowerCarPayments.com was designed to offer a free and friendly alternative to high interest rates and inflated car payments for people seeking to establish, rebuild or continue improving their credit situation.

Our Priority is Customer Satisfaction

LowerCarPayments.comYou may have already encountered other sites on the internet offering refinance options for a fee. Our 100% free service is determined to help you save money, understand the loan process, and put you on the road to improving your credit with a loan that works for your financial situation.

True Customer Service

Many websites promising to help your refinance simply collect your information and never actually contact you. LowerCarPayments.com will not only contact you, but stay in constant contact with you to see the car loan refinance process through. Our goal is not only to get more applicants for refinance but to get more people refinanced.

Please, take your time, research this process, read our information, contact our auto refi specialists and be comfortable with your decision to have LowerCarPayments.com help you save money. Fill out our auto refinance application, or our quick contact form in the sidebar to have our representatives respond to you to find out more about your situation.